Robert the Doll.

Dolls are creepy to children as much as to adults. And Robert isn’t just any doll, he is the creepy doll of creepy dolls. Perhaps you have heard of him or not, yet he is considered to be the most haunted and evil doll known.

His story begins in 1896, in Key West Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Otto owned a plantation and employed lots of people, obviously not treating them very kindly. One young maid who was in charge of their son Gene (Robert Eugene Otto) was also a voodoo practitioner, and she was the one to gift him the three foot tall doll, dressed in a sailor’s suit, clutching a little lion.

At first the doll was very dear to Gene and he decided to name it Robert. At first Gene and Robert got along perfectly well, often hear talking and playing upstairs. In an imaginary friend sort of way. At a point the parents started suspecting that this other voice heard was actually produced by Robert and not by Gene as they had thought at first. Neighbours, quite surprised and horrified reported they have been seeing the doll walking around the house peeking through windows. More and more people heard the doll’s giggle.

After a while, Eugene began screaming at night, awakening from horrible nightmares. The parents kept founding him crying, furniture upside down. The child would keep telling them it was Robert who did it.

The doll was put up in the attic, where he remained for many many years. As an adult Eugene demanded nobody take him away from the attic, and explained he needs his space and a window, making sure he stayed locked up.

After his death in the early 70s, the house was sold and rumours were forgotten. But Robert waited patiently to be discovered again. This time it was the 10 year old daughter of the new owners who suffered his displeasure. The girl started screaming out at night, could not sleep, told her parents Robert was moving around the room and still today is convinced that Robert was trying to kill her on more than one occasion.

Today Robert is pretty comfortable in the Martello Museum, in Key West. People are allowed to take his picture, if they ask politely and then again only in case Robert agrees by tipping his head. On one such occasion, he was photographed with an aura camera and produced a puzzling and surprising result for an inanimate object.

About Pixie and Rotter

Pixie and Rotter Zine is a 100% analog Zine supporting analog artists and DIY of any kind. Created by Emma Elina Keira Jones and Amanda M. Jansson. Feel free to contact us:

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