Where Children Sleep.

James Mollison is a brilliant photographer who was born in Kenya in 1973 and grew up in England.

In his collection Where Children Sleep he is telling the stories of different children from different places around the world, by photographing their bedrooms and the children themselves. He remembered how important and defining his bedroom was to him as a child and decided to use this to depict different issues and situations affecting children as well as to capture their personalities.

There is good reason why he chose to take portraits of the children outside their bedrooms, using a neutral background. He didn’t want the reader to associate faces with material and cultural backgrounds. So, in this photographic essay the children are to be looked at separately from the rooms, as individuals, while the empty rooms are to be viewed as another collection that can tell so much about the person inhabiting it. Of curse, consequently child and room photographs are to considered together, as a union, interacting and strongly bonded.


About Pixie and Rotter

Pixie and Rotter Zine is a 100% analog Zine supporting analog artists and DIY of any kind. Created by Emma Elina Keira Jones and Amanda M. Jansson. http://www.facebook.com/pixieandrotter.zine Feel free to contact us: pixieandrotter@yahoo.co.uk

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