By now everyobody is in love with Blythe, but when she was first introduced in 1972 thngs were quite different. After a few months, she was killed and taken off the shelf, mainly due to her oversized head and eyes. They had been considered quite creepy for children and would not sell.

However, 27 years later, things were different. One of these Margarete Keane inspired dolls was given to Gina Garan, who photographed her and many more of the originals that she got off ebay and after her book was published Blythe was revived and Hasbro gave Takara and CWC the licence to produce Neo Blythe, an instant hit.

Blythes are sure cute but the most important thing about Kenner’s creations is the degree to which they are customizable. Completely. You can change haircolour, clothes, and even eye colour at any time. Unfortunatelly, a Blythe doll isn’t the most affordable one, because of the hype and hysteria created around her name in the Japanese market these past few years…

(all images are taken from Flickr* if you check the image url you can see who it is taken by.)

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