Toy Knights and Lego.

Ben Giles is a name you should know by now. Once you look at his collages you can’t possibly satisfy your hunger for more of them. We spoke a bit to him about his breathtaking collages and the photographs he’s taking.

How long have you been doing collages and how did you begin with it? 

I’ve been doing collages for around 7 months, it’s a phase in my artistic evolution that stemmed from some video work and drawing I was doing, I wanted to create alternate worlds that my videos existed in, then it just developed into its own thing, it snowballed into different meanings and techniques to the point where the original roots completely disappeared, each collage moves further away. The themes now range from simple to meaningful juxtapositions, to celebratory pieces to collages that show movements and portals.

How are your photos and your collages different to you? 

My Photos are memories and feelings that I remember or that I’ve felt, its a way of showing what I wouldn’t describe in words at the time, where as the collages are alternate worlds and parallel memories that I have created for others to step into and feel on there own or create there own memories from.

If you had to make a childhood collage as a self portrait what would it look like? 

It would have lots of toy knights and bits of Lego building my brain, interlocking like an MC Escher drawing and lots of fancy dress clothes, and I would be up a tree playing a complex game that even I didnt understand with cowboys and Indians riding horses in the background having inter galactic war with spaceships, it would be confusing to say the least.

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