Evil Kids in Horror that you may not know but should. (pt.1)

One of the most popular sub-genre in horror films: Evil Kids! Why do evil kids scare us so much when they come out to play? Is it the loss of a sense of control we feel as adults? Is it the distortion of the ideal innocence? Is it the realization of our inner evil child and human nature? Whatever it is these evil kids are here to demolish and twist the order of things.
Our first 6 choices of some lesser known evil kids in horror (more to come):

1. Jane Reid (played by Chloe Franks) in The House That Drips Blood (1971) –little girl that is forbidden to play with her favourite doll.

2. Rynn (played by Jodie Foster) in The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976) –little girl that really knows how to take care of herself.

3. Delia (played by Asia Vieira) in Omen IV: the awakening (1991) –satanic little virgin girl that gives miraculous “birth”.

4. Bonnie (played by Wilhelmina Green) in The Godsend (1980) –little girl who really likes her mummy all to herself, no sharing.

5. Debbie Brody, Curtis Taylor, Steven Seton (played by Elisabeth Hoy, Billy Jacoby, Andy Freeman) in Bloody Birthday (1981) –kids sharing a solar eclipse birthday.

6. Angela Baker (played by Felissa Rose) in Sleepaway Camp (1983) –shy summer camper who loves accidents.

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  1. Mario

    You better make Rynn #1 else your next tea might taste like almonds.

  2. well first of all the order is random and then she wasnt that devilish either…there s worse kids.

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