A Sense of Nostalgia.

We talk it Elijah Majeski, one of our favourites when it comes to photographing children, about how it is to feel like a child and experimenting with film.

How did you decide to work with film? 

In a lot of ways, it wasn’t a conscious decision- after rummaging around my grandparent’s house I came across an old manual 35mm film camera and asked them if I could have it, and they gave it to me… I don’t have a lot of money so I haven’t been able to get a proper digital camera, and the pictures I get with my grandparent’s camera are of a much higher quality… I think I’ll use film as long as I can, though, it’s what I know and love best.

What experiments do you enjoy?

Color- there are so many interesting ways colors react with each other- I constantly am changing and mixing colors any way that I can.

Do you feel film is more true to childhood?

In ways I suppose- it has a natural sense of nostalgia to it, which lends itself to childhood dreams and memories.

Your sisters are very lucky to have such beautiful childhood photos. What is essential to capture when you photograph a child (according to you)?

Be spontaneous, I suppose… It’s important to let them be them- which sounds stupid I guess, but I rarely direct my sisters, but let them choose to interpret scenes and stories and moods on their own, that way the photos are more about their personalities and lives than just the way they looked at the time.

I remember you had said you still feel like a child at heart. What advantages does this offer you as an artist?

I really don’t care about what other people think- I photograph what I like and love and what’s important to me rather than what is relevant or popular. So I guess I just have this freedom to create whatever my imagination thinks up and that in itself is enough to satisfy me- so I’m never really upset when it comes to my own art- in my little world I’m always content.


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