Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th.
The unluckiest day in the year. The most famous day in the year. This Western superstition is probably the most famous superstition in the world, also thanks to the film franchise, and a recognized phobia of the day exists, affecting over 21 million people.
Why is this day such bad news?

Well, Friday is considered a bad luck day itself. Named after the witch goddess Freya, since the 14th century and The Canterbury Tales people regard it as a day on which it’s vey unlucky to do business, or travel. The evils of Friday date back to the bible, and even pre-Christian times. In Rome Friday was execution day, which is ominous in itself. But for the rest of heathens Friday was a sacred day of worship and blessing, which had to be reversed by all means by Christianity, and so became the Witches’ Sabbath. In the Bible it is on a Friday that Adam and Eve are banished from Paradise and it is on a Friday that the Great Flood began and that God tong-died the tower builders of Babel. The temple of Solomon fell on a Friday, and of course Christ was crucified on a Friday. Not to forget more modern disasters such as stock market crashes.

Then, 13 is the unluckiest and most evil of numbers as well. In numerology, 12 (12 Gods of Olympus, 12 months in a year, 12 Apostles, 12 tribes of Israel) stands for completeness, so 13 stands for a violation of this completeness, irregular, and transgressing which equals something devilish and unholy. Also for the Egyptians, 13 symbolized the afterlife, which translated to modern man as Death and decay, very different from its original glorious meaning. 13 has also been made evil because it represents the circles of the moon and the menstrual circle, strongly associated with Pagan religions. Then there is of course the Last Supper, if 13 people dine together, 1 will die, a belief that goes way back.
Humans are known for stupidity and it was only natural they would coin these “bad luck omens” into one day they would be allowed to fear and dread, and go mental about. In 1907, a book by the title “Friday, the Thirteenth” was published, and even though nobody remembers it by now, the title was popularized by the press who is always behind such genius actions and the superstition spread even faster, to which the Friday the 13th films added later on. Today, the accident rates of a Friday the 13th are the lowest compared to other days of the month because so many people are hysterically careful, while there are people around you who won’t fly, work, or even get out of bed today. Have a glorious Friday, the 13th!

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