Post Pink.

Arvida Byström is a well-known feminist visual artist literally revolutionizing pink. We are talking tumblr, rainbow colours, and feminism.

You started photographing at a very young age, how do you see yourself changing and developing?
Well, I guess in different ways all the time. Two years back I got interested in feminism, and I guess that was the biggest change in my life regarding everything and therefore also my photography. I tried to get to say something with my photos rather than just make them pretty. That’s the biggest change.

What do colours and particularly pink mean to you? Do you see special significance in colours?
Well, I have an overconfidence in a pink revolution. Pink is a strong color and stands for something often socially feminine and a lot with the socially feminine is much more sympathetic than what society sometimes expects from men. Otherwise I’m a fan of colour. Rainbow colour is my fav.  Haha. How can one not be hopeful when surrounded by colors?

How does your tumblr aid your creativity and your exposure as a visual artist?
Ok. This might be my second biggest change in life; when I met tumblr. This is probably the change in life that affected my photography the most. I get a lot of aesthetic inspiration just as well as a lot of ideas. Tumblr made me create a visual world for my thoughts to live in and made it a lot easier for me to know what kind of photos I want to shoot.

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