Acid Wash.

Now you have tiedyed and tattooed yourself already, so it’s high time you acid wash some garments.

Jeans, tees, whatever you want. You can acid wash anything. The process is fairly simple.

All you need is household bleach, some rubber gloves, something to bleach. And something to apply the bleach with, it can be preferably a sponge, or pumice stones or even a squirt bottle.

1. Wet and soak your piece of clothing in a bathtub or sink or plastic container.

2. When it’s completely soaked, pick it up and wring out the moisture.

3. Spread out the garment on a surface that won’t be damaged by the bleach.

4. Wearing your gloves, grab the sponge and soak it in the bleach. Then run it over the jeans or whatever you have chosen repetedly depending on how bleached you want them to be. You must not leave them over 25 minutes because obviously bleach can destroy fabric.

5. Once you are pleased, you wash the bleach off and then you just put the garment in the washer.

(If you use the spray, you spray on the piece, if you use the pumice stones you soak them first and then spread them and move them around. Alternatively some will just drop their pair of jeans into bleach and leave it there for a quarter, but this isnt the safest way to go about it.)

Happy Bleaching! And remember to warn any people living with you about this process and make sure nobody is asthmatic or allergic.

About Pixie and Rotter

Pixie and Rotter Zine is a 100% analog Zine supporting analog artists and DIY of any kind. Created by Emma Elina Keira Jones and Amanda M. Jansson. Feel free to contact us:

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