Human Nature.

Miguel Soll, from Brazil, is a true revelation. We discovered his stream and creepy photos and just couldn’t get enough of it. The strange ways in which he approaches childhood and his subjects keeps captivating. He talks to us about human nature, blood, and dunes.

How do you associate blood with childhood?

Well… I guess I can say we were all born in blood. It’s funny how one of the most significant moments in life – the birth – is so grotesque and ugly. We are not ready to be born but we are forced due to our nature, it’s like our first shock, our first glance of how cruel and frightening life can be. Blood holds that strong feeling of life and watching it drain is one of the scariest things of all. It can also be related  to learning. We only learn how to walk before bleeding a few times by the falls, we only lean that knifes are dangerous when we cut ourselves. In photographs, however, I see the blood as a reminder of the cruelty and the real nature of the human being, and associating childhood with it is showing how we were once pure but our maturing as animals keeps getting us into that dark area, and how it is inevitable that we get caught with that feeling somehow. Maybe it is the beginning of the corrupting system. We are pure, but we’re not. You can try to escape, but the cruelty and the grotesque are inside you. It is a very nihilistic point of view, but it could be true. I see it as a reminder of what human emotions are capable of, so we better beware of ourselves. Oh! And if you were talking about these photos (, the model I have is 22, haha! It wasn’t my intention to make her look like a little girl (even with the girly creepy dress), but is nice to know how people see and feel my photos.

What draws you so much to the creepy side? What do you think is particularly creepy?

I think the human nature, you know. We are capable of good, but instead of that people seem to hurt each other and show the worst side of humanity. I like to explore the edge of emotions, and how we get lost inside the dark area that follows us: fear, insecurity, anger… But mostly I get inspiration on that creepy side by my emotions, by how I see the world. I’m not saying I like to cut people or that I feel the urge to throw kids into the woods or whatever, haha, but I need to express some feelings and some issues that I know everyone has, so I try to grab that creepy part of everyone to fill my photographs.

If you had to choose your one favourite place to take photos at, which one would it be?

Hm… that’s a hard one! I was going to answer but I remembered that my favorite place was another one, haha, so I have to say it right. Probably my favorite is the dune area on a beach, here in Brazil. It is a HUGE place and you feel like you are in a desert, because you can only see sand and water, haha. As it is located on the city of my grandma’s beach house, it is a place that I visit since forever, so I love it. I’ve only had the opportunity to shoot there once, but I can’t wait to go back and explore that amazing place a couple more times. The freedom you feel there is unbelievable. This ones were taken

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