Who doesn’t love tribes? Read a short interview with Mike Bailey Gates, a believer in magic, and one of the most fun, inspired and enjoyable photographers around.

You love painting on people, your photos look always much fun. Is it all fun or are you a strict and planning person behind the camera?

Everything in my photos is always planned and choreographed…. But always in an organized mess kind of way . I’ve been drawing on people a lot lately for a series I am doing with my group of friends. I’ve always been interested in tribes, and the culture that surrounds it. My close group of friends are always drawing on each other, and giving each other tattoos. I liked the idea of exaggerating this and photographing my friends like a tribe.

Who is your favourite bad-guy or bad-girl character in a fairy tale and why?

Yzma, from emperor’s new groove. She is hilarious , I love pretending to be her character and strutting around like an old gangly thing. When she gets turned in to that little cat, I laugh so hard every time.

What kind of environment do you prefer for your shoots? Rural or urban and why?

After moving to New York, I realized how much I should have valued living in a rural place. It’s hard to find the woods and mountains in the city, you usually have to make them up in a studio. Each setting has its pros and cons, I’m just much more relaxed in a rural setting I think.

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