Born This Way.

Read a short interview with Paul V., creator of Born This Way Blog, a blog where gay and lesbian adults can share their childhood stories and pictures, and let the world know how they’ve always known they were homosexual. Click on each photo to read that person’s story.

What was the moment when you decided you wanted to create this blog?

The original idea I had was for a coffee table book, about three years ago.
And what sparked the entire concept/idea was seeing my friend Dennis’ photo on his MySpace profile.
But it was the same idea: to feature a childhood photo and each person’s growing up gay story.
However, I just sat on the idea and didn’t do anything with it. But then in the fall of 2010,
with the rash of gay teen suicides going on and making the news, I felt like I had to figure out a way to get
these stories and photos out there ASAP, to hopefully help the LGBTQ kids of today.
A friend suggested I start a blog to do it, and so I launched the “Born This Way Blog” on January 9th, 2011.
It started off with basically many of my local Facebook friends, and within a week, exploded on the net.
This video from CNN tells a bit more of the story, too –

Seeing all these stories that are submitted to you, what would you say to those who still refuse to
believe that so many people are just “born that way”?

I would say to those people that they are living in denial or they refuse to acknowledge the reality
that ALL people are born their own way. And that gay people and homosexuality is just as
normal and natural as straight people and heterosexuality. None of us can make a choice
about our innate attractions, who we love, or what we know is our own true calling as human beings.
My hopes for the blog (and now the book) is to let each person tell you in black and white:
“I’m gay, I’ve always been gay, and I’ve know that since a very young age“. It’s pretty hard
to argue with someone who is telling you the facts and their truth about being gay.

When did you know you are gay? Which story and photo would you submit to the blog?

I knew I was gay by around age six, but I didn’t have a word for it. I just knew I felt a different
connection and attraction to boys. Back in the mid-70’s though, it was never discussed and
I (like so many) had next to zero reference points or role models or examples of other gay people.
You can read the rest of my story on the blog –

The “Born This Way Book” arrives on November 6th on Quirk Books.
Get more information here and pre-order the book on Amazon here


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  1. THANK YOU, PIXIE AND ROTTER! I really appreciate this wonderful feature!
    Everyone, click on each photo to read that person’s story 🙂
    xo – Paul V.

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