Impulsive and Unpredictable.

Rachel Hardwick is a brilliant young photographer based in London. We love her vibrant colourful images and her playful spirit. When everyone is talking about pink, Rachel shares her love for orange with us.

Some of your photographs are pure magic! Which fairy tale hero would you say you resemble most and why?

I don’t really know… I think most people would say I resemble Ariel (The Little Mermaid) the most really… basically just because of my long red hair…!

What would you say is your favourite colour at the moment and how do you use it?

My favourite colour has always been orange ever since I was little. I’m not really sure why because there are so many disgusting shades of orange, and it can look quite garish and gross a lot of the time. My childhood bedroom was bright orange and yellow and looking back on it now, it’s quite sickly… But I tend to always lean towards warm, rich colours. For example I did a shoot lately that focused on very indulgent eclectic styling, all lit with an orange-y gel. I’ve always also been very obsessed with ethnic styles – like Indian or north African, which always focus on these very warm colours like deep greens and reds and purples. Pretty much my entire wardrobe consists of black and various shades of red, orange and green, while all my soft furnishings are red or orange…

How important is photography to you? Especially analog photography. How has it changed your life? 

Photography is so important to me. There’s just something about it that is so infinite, the fact that you’ll never ever run out of things to photograph. That sense of being able to capture a moment that will never occur or be seen again is something that really inspires me. It’s the way that photography can take notice of and highlight things, that you might otherwise forget, is what makes it so important in a world where everything’s so fast-paced. I think that’s why analogue photography seems particularly special, because it feels more precious. It’s impulsive and unpredictable at first, but once you develop those images it becomes something very nostalgic.


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