The island of the Dolls.

La Isla de la Munecas is definitely the creepiest tourist attraction in Mexico and one of the most haunting ones all over the world. Located south of Mexico City and within a network of canals, it’s said that it isn’t that easy to get there but it surely looks worth the trouble.
A place filled with mystery and superstition, dolls rejected by their owners, decapitated, amputated, broken, bleached, dolls everywhere on every tree, watching you through their lifeless eyes.
The story behind this island is sad and filled with superstition. One day a hermit, and the only person inhabiting the tiny island, Don Julian Santana, discovered the dead body of a girl in the canal. Ever since he seemed to be haunted by this discovery. When he found a doll swimming in the water, he grabbed and hanged it on a tree to make the ghost of the girl happy and to ward off further evil. This grew into an obsession, he fished any doll part he could out of the water and in the end also traded fruit for dolls and doll parts.
Ironically, in 2001, the man’s nephew found him dead in the same canal he had found the drowned girl in. Ever since the island has been open to tourists who want to experience something that strange.

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