Absolutely Ker-Plunk.

Joe Skilton describes himself as a runaway hiding in the London smoke. An incredibly talented photographer he never fails to spot and capture the spirit of the moment. Find out which game has had the biggest impact on him forever.

We really like how many of your photos look absolutely spontaneous and random. Do you think about them or just capture the right moment?

This question kinda hurts my head. I think my shooting methods are reflective of what’s on my mind at the time, so i think there’s hopefully some ying-yang balance of spontaneity and consideration going on. I don’t shoot randomly nor do I think about it too hard.

You shoot lots of cemeteries and skulls. Where does this fascination come from?


What was your favourite game as a kid? And why?
Oh absolutely Ker-Plunk. It was the only game under my grandmothers bed and i would get my kicks out of losing all my marbles. Making one little movement that destroys everything forever, only having yourself to blame and being continuously nervous throughout the duration of play. I think that game had a lasting impact on me.

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