Beauty is in youth.

Adam Peter Hicks is a photographer and artist based in London, but he also is a true master of colours and youth. We instantly knew that as soon as we got a glimpse of his work. Read about analog and colours and beauty.

Does analog photography help you define your work as a photographer? How so? Why?

Using analog does define my work as a photographer I feel, as it gives my work that raw unedited quality. It also plays alongside the subject matter I chose to photograph, which is teenagers. The quality adds to the emotion to what’s going on in the image in my opinion.

You often choose vibrant colours in your work! How do you feel about colour symbolism? Which colours are your favourites because of their meaning to you?

I love working with colour! I love how you can change the colouration of an image and it changes the mood completely. I always feel using vibrant colour in my work gives life and more of an understanding to the image. Sometimes the colour will represent my mood and I try to portray my emotions in the shoot, which can work well also.

Do you prefer to choose models or random individuals? What makes a face interesting to you?

I feel choosing the model is the funnest part. There are many different factors which make me choose whether to pick a random person off the street or a model such as.. what the photo shoot is for, what it is trying to portray, whether I want more staged imagery or a more natural documentary style shoot. Everyone has a different interpretation of ‘beautiful’ and I feel beauty is in youth. People are always quick to judge and put the younger generations down. I feel in this day and age we can all be who we choose to be (the young especially) and I find this beautiful.

About Pixie and Rotter

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