Beautiful state.

Falko Dzur is a self-taught photographer from Karlsruhe. His focus is on the human body, face, skin, emotion, sin, desire. Free of taboos he captures the natural state of people most beautifully.

Do you prefer shooting indoors or outdoors and why?

I prefer shooting outdoors. I like to show the connection and/or opposition of the naked human body and its environment may it be nature or urban. Besides I favor to work with natural light.

How easy or difficult is it to find models for your male nudes?

It’s not easy to find models willing to do nudes. I am not looking for professional models but ordinary guys, who are often not only not used to act in front of a camera but also to expose themselves naked in front of a total stranger.

Do you think that male nudity is still a taboo to some people?

I think there will always be people who see nudity as a taboo in general, altough it’s just natural and hence the most beautiful state of a person.

About Pixie and Rotter

Pixie and Rotter Zine is a 100% analog Zine supporting analog artists and DIY of any kind. Created by Emma Elina Keira Jones and Amanda M. Jansson. Feel free to contact us:

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  1. Beautiful is a good word!

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