Places of Silence.

Dominic Packulat is more of an artist than a photographer. In his work he recreates worlds he discovers in order to share the experience with his viewer, and he is so good at that!  Read on about his right places and the absence of colours.

What makes a landscape creepy/haunting to you?

If I look for a Location, most of the times I look into myself. A place of silence mostly fits to my world. If feel that you come down, that if you rest for a while, you can come down. Then this is the right place, to give a “new face”. In the early autumn mornings I love it everywhere, or in the late summer evenings. Sometimes you need someone to see new things, to get forgotten thoughts into your mind, which could help at creating the next world.

You use lots of black and white in your work. Why is that?

I love colours, really=) but for my photography i use most of the time black and white. If you look at a picture and there is a red rose. You’ll just fix this red, not more. If you look at a black and white one, you will try to feel it, to get the flavour=). In my Photography its important to abduct someone into my world, my feelings.

How about polaroids and instant photos? How different is it to other ways of shooting to you?

Last year it was scary for me. So many techniques I had to try, so many different camera formats I tried to handle.
If I build my pictures in front of the camera, for me it is finished. I just need the technique to get this moment safe to show others, who couldn’t be there. My Newest work which is in post already, is made with instant photos. But also very monochrome, just with colours which support the feeling. I don’t to do my work as a photographer, i try to do it as an Artist, so every fluid is possible for me=)

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