I prefer to shoot nature.

 Carlos Cancela Pinto is a Portuguese photographer who has us completely stunned with his incredible landscapes. He has an amazing gift fr capturing wild and natural beauty and also for highlighting the relation of nature to light to man.

How did you discover your fascination for photographing nature?

Since I was young.  I always had been very contemplative towards nature. I like to observe how the nature behaves.  My parents gave me a Kodak camera when I was 13 years old and the first rolls were about friends and nature.  I discovered that I prefer to shoot nature.


Could you name some of the most inspiring and breathtaking landscapes/locations/cityscapes you have ever taken pictures of?

Yes, I prefer two places, both in Portugal.

One in the northern part of Portugal, which I find it to be very inspiring.  Perhaps it is because of its forests, woods and rivers with little influence of man.  My family has a house in Caminha, which is near the border Portugal-Spain (Galicia), each time I go there I come back with wonderful photos.

The other place is in between Cascais and Sintra. In the southern part of Portugal. It has a very different geology and morphology from the northen part of the country. It is close to the sea, with beautiful dunes (Cresmina), great limestones, with a very distinctive yellowish color.


Nature, man, and light are the protagonists in your work. What do you think should be their perfect co-existance?

I think nature is the most important, light should be second-most important and man as complement and in context with nature and light.

In my work, nature plays a very important role, I shoot usually with natural light (sometimes it is very subtle and frail, which I find to be very beautiful). The man in most of my work is indistinguishable, in most of the photos you can´t see the face or even if it is an man or a woman. It does not matter. The important for me is to highlight the relation nature-man-light.


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