Three films for the weekend.

Here are three films, you have to watch over the weekend. All 3 are gay themed dramas, and so they are a little bit sad and dramatic, but it’s totally worth it. Try to get hold of any of them, they are among our favourites ever.

Fox and His Friends – Faustrecht der Freiheit.

1975- by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. After losing his boyfriend and his job, Fox -the talking head still manages to purchase his weekly lottery ticket with the help of an older man, Max. It is through Max that he meets two younger gay men with very refined tastes. After Fox wins the lottery, suddenly everyone wants to be his friend, especially Eugen who moves in with him and is eager to teach him…


1982- by Giorgos Katakouzinos. A young gay man in Athens, keeping his sexual identity a secret from his family, falls for a sailor he meets, Mikhalis. Soon he moves to live with Mikhalis who convinces him to go into drag-prostitution so that Mikhalis can afford a fancy motorcycle. After an incident of bashing, everyone finds out about Angelos secret and things take an ugly turn…

Happy Together.

1997- by Kar Wai Wong. Yiu-Fai and Po-Wing leave Hong Kong for Argentina, to go on holidays and also visit some waterfalls together. But they slowly fall apart. Yiu-Fai starts working at a tango bar to save for the trip home, when a beaten up Po-Wing shows up. He takes him in and they live together for a while but Po-Wing is still not ready to settle down. Along the way Yiu-Fai also befriends another young guy, Chang…

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