Interview with Anton Z. Risan.

We had a short interview with a master of nude, the famous Anton Z. Risan, artist, photographer, ballet dancer, porn star. Enjoy and make sure you don’t miss his upcoming experimental short film either.

How did you decide to start posing nude?

I used to be a classical ballet dancer before and also used to Gogo dance in clubs since I was like 17 years old, I was always being asked if I wanted to do porn, both photos and videos, but I waited till I was around 21-22 and then I stripped it all off, it was great fun, and as I always loved being naked I thought it was really cool that someone would be silly enough  to Pay me for the pleasure, but I didn’t complain. Lol.

Which one of your films or shoots has been your favourite one?

Hehe, I have many favourite ones, as I’ve been doing porn for over 16.5 years there are loads to choose from hehe, I do love the most recent treasure island bareback naughty films I made I have to admit, hehe.

How are your friends and family reacting to it?

My dad found out after doing a search online on my name (they had used my real name in my first film), and he was like “well as long as you didn’t do anything you didn’t want to do or were forced into I don’t see a problem with it”. My mum hasn’t really commented on it so far hehe, being a Swedish feminist she doesnt approve of straight porn taking advantage of women of course but in regards to gay porn I’m sure she’s pretty open minded like the rest of us Swedes, hehe.

Do you photograph other guys nude?

Yes I do shoot nude work, both porn as still / on set camera / film guy, as well as arty /experimental porn and art nude stuff, for others and for my own photo/video company: atelier a-z

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