Reflections of the Self.

Pietro Lodi is an analog photographer who is aiming at capturing every tiny thing and person he admires and he manages to do so. His pictures are out of time and space and reflecting his own inner person and the world through his eyes. This is an interview about self portraits, water, and feelings.

Tell us a little about your self portraits. How do you come up with an idea, what do they mean to you?

I’ve started taking self portraits three years ago. At the beginning I was afraid of them, I was afraid of me, maybe. But the more I took photos of myself, the more I found a different me in those photos. I was able to portray a different me, better: I was able to portray the inside of me, the feelings I felt. For this reason I take self portraits only when I feel I have something to represent, when I have something to say I take a self. In those moments I look inside me and I let the imagination create, then I try to realize the images that come from my mind.

You use water a lot in your photos. What is its significance to you?

I realize this thing right that moment: I don’t use water for a precise reason, I take everything I have around me the moment I’m going to take a photo. So if water is useful to represent what I feel, I use it. Generally I consider water an element rich of significance: it is pure, it is used to wash and make things clean, it is transparent, it creates such stunning effects even in the sea (reflections) or the body (drops on the skin). I have a strong connection with rain too, I really feel better when I find myself in the middle of a summer rainstorm.

How does photography change your perspective on life?

I started taking photographs to reach a sort of aesthetic taste, the same that I appreciate in some movies or in other photos. The subject of my photos is always something that managed to capture my eye, something from nature or something that is related to my heart: the feelings. The act of photographing is the result of the way I look at what I have around me, is what I have inside me and it is me in relation to what I feel and the world around me. In a few moments photography is like a therapy: when I felt bad, sometimes I’ve been able to put those feelings into the photograph. Photography cures me, educates me and is a sort of reflection of myself.

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