That suicide is painless.

One of us, Emma, runs a very popular NSFW tumblr with thousands and thousands of followers, and it is all about vintage male nudes and vintage gay porn. So, the other one of us, Amanda-that’d be me, decided to ask her some questions on why she started this, how it grew so much, and what she finds beautiful in a male body.

You are running a very popular gay themed tumblr with looots of male nudity in it. Did you expect it to be so popular? What do you think gained you so many followers?

Well to be honest I hadn’t thought about it when I created my tumblr. I didn’t even know how it worked with the followers and everything, I just uploaded stuff. I guess I ended up having so many followers because gay porn is something people look at and because my tumblr is all about vintage gay porn and vintage stuff is rare and has lots of fans. There are young people who didn’t know so much about it, discover it and like it and there are older guys who are happy to find some of the vintage gay pictures, they liked so much, online.

Why did you start with it? How do you feel about tumblr? Pros and cons? Do you reblog a lot or if not why not?

I started this tumblr because I am a big fan of vintage gay porn. Its seems kinda like art to me. It’s beautiful! Well tumblr is easy, I like that part. The tags annoy me a little, because I’m bored of thinking of them and writing them down, but I guess they are pretty useful since people can look you up this way. I don’t reblog a lot because I have a huge collection of photos. Sometimes I reblog photos of my other tumblr and sometimes, rarely when I like a picture very much I reblog it, but rarely.

What kind of male nude bodies do you personally find beautiful?

I generally think that, the male body is beautiful. The ancient greeks believed so, and I agree with them. That’s why they used male models for all their sculptures, I’d totally do the same. I like skinny bodies, fat bodies, short, tall…almost all types. What I don’t like very much is when someone has fake 6-packs and fake muscles…you know…you don’t see that in vintage gay porn a lot, which is good. Another thing I don’t like is when guys take out all their body hair, I don’t see the reason…natural bodies look much better in my eyes and hair is natural, why take it out or shave it off? Looks kinda weird then, you know. Generally speaking though, I don’t like all male bodies, but I like most of them. I think, that body goes with character, if your character is disgusting then your body will be too.

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