Arthur Tress.

Arthur Tress is an American photographer who began shooting at the age of 12. Even as a child he had an eye for capturing things different from the rest. His first shots are of circus people and dilapidated buildings around Coney Island.  After getting his degree, he spent his spring and summer in San Francisco in 1964, where he documented things that used to go by unnoticed, as well as the protests, the people on the streets, the crowds. Later on, after moving to France, he traveled around the world taking picture of astonishing excellence, combining documentary and art, as well as surrealism and the human body, in the best possible way.

He was kind enough to share an older interview with us. So enjoy along with the pictures!

About Pixie and Rotter

Pixie and Rotter Zine is a 100% analog Zine supporting analog artists and DIY of any kind. Created by Emma Elina Keira Jones and Amanda M. Jansson. Feel free to contact us:

One comment

  1. zaky

    lo que mas me gusta de todo esto esque estas imagenes son tan penetrantes ala vista humana que lo unico que puedes decir en WOW cuando las ves ahhhh me facinaaaa ahhh ❤

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