Manic Gay.

Damiano Roberto Moretti is good friend and frequent contributor to our zine and a Manic Gay! While he is being bored and naked in a small village in Wales he also runs a very popular tumblr we also really love. And we asked him some questions for you.

How did you decide to start a tumblr?

Hmm, I was bored and I happened to find some cool photos on a tumblr, so I thought I should start one myself.. you know I live in a village in Anglesey and there is not much to do since my boyfriend works a lot and I don’t know many people here.

You have lots of followers. How do you select what to post on your tumblr? Your posts are varied: Male nude, gay porn, singers, stars and moon, houses, cute animals..

Hahaha yes that’s true. Well I post things I like and every time it depends on my mood. When I feel good and excited I post different things than when I’m depressed and down. Sometimes I come across a cute kitten for example and then I start posting cute pets. Or sometimes when I’m horny I post gay porn or nude males (which is often, hehe).

I also watch many horror movies, so when I’m in such a mood I post something creepy, an old house for example or the moon.

And then when I’m really down, I post blood, suicides, you know, things like that and I also write about it and to be honest I didn’t expect it but many people write me then, trying to make me feel better. Once there was a guy he told me I shouldn’t dare kill myself, or he’d drag me back to life and then kill me for doing it. lol ( lol, sorry out of topic)

What about nudity in your life? How do you feel about it?

Nudity is not a big deal for me. I always was sort of an exhibitionist let’s say. I used to go and swim naked with my first boyfriend when I was 13, but then his dad saw us and we weren’t allowed anymore…. Also I used to sneak in the bathroom and watch my uncle in the shower…hihi! My parents weren’t very happy about it, you know I come from a normal greek orthodox family….but they were putting up with me.

Now that I live with my boyfriend, we constantly walk around naked, it’s not an issue of course.

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