Three films for the weekend.

Here are three films you have to watch over this weekend. All 3 are gay themed but this time not just drama but a little bit of comedy as well, films that will surely stick with you for a while.. Try to get hold of any of them, they are among our favourites ever as well.

Mysterious Skin

2004- by Gregg Araki. A teenage hustler and a young guy obsessed with alien abductions are trying to discover the truth behind the amnesia and black-out of the second and heal the scars they share while they come closer. Tag line says it all: Two boys, One can’t remember. The other can’t forget.

Taxi zum Klo

1980- by Frank Ripploh. This sort of autobiographical piece, where the real characters play themselves is about Frank Ripploh, a very sexually active teacher who tries to keep job and personal life apart. While cruising he meets Bernd and they become lovers, but Ripploh is bored and doesn’t want to give up his habits. The morning after the Queen’s Ball brings resolutions.

9 Dead Gay Guys

2002- by Lab Ky Mo. Two Irish lads in the London gay underworld. They earn a living by offering sexual favors to older men. But when one of them shags a punter to death, they have to look for work elsewhere, so they hear of a legendary bed filled with money. The search for it results in 9 dead gay guys.

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