Your Halloween Costume.

So, Halloween is coming up and it’s perfect for dressing up and stuff so here are some costume suggestions. Of course you surely should avoid buying a costume unless you wanna end up looking like the cheapest idiot at the party. Costumes don’t even have to cost much and they surely are fun to make. Everyone is going to be someone from a movie so the for us to be original means to go back to the classics. Our top five.

1. Witch. Ok, this is the ultimate Halloween costume since forever. It’s very easy, basically look for a long weird black dress (variations of other dark colours totally go, even white if you got something specific in mind), if it’s just plain long, or if it’s lacy or your aunts horrible 80s shame, grab it, it will do. In the worst of cases go vintage shopping, if it’s torn and so on it will cost only little and it’s just right. Then you have to find a hat if possible. Or a black cone, or otherwise just mess up your hair. Wear all possible rings you come across. Paint your fingernails black or just get your fingertips to look super dirty. Make up must include very dark eyes and lips and your skin has to look as pale as possible (try make up powder and white eyeshadow). If you can find a broom, even better so.

2. Alien – Galaxy. This is a very fun costume, but also a bit creepy because aliens and UFOs are a bit creepy and so is the big unknown. You need your skin tone to be green-silver or blue-silver. Use eyeshadow and also glitter to achieve this. Also find an interesting onepiece or leggings and a fitting top that you will turn into the galaxy with the help of bleach and some textile colours. If you can wear some planets around your head that should look interesting as well. You can make some by painting some balls and then adjust them.

3. Ghost. The simplest way is to just throw a white blanket over your head and cut some eye holes into it. But this will not make communication or consumption of food or alcohol any easy on you. So it would be best if you find something white and old looking, if it’s torn it’s for the best and give yourself some make up that looks deadly pale. Your hair should be messed up and your eyes have to be brown reddish while your lips could look pale as well, preferably not pink or red anyhow. If you manage to get hold of chains, which isn’t too hard really, then use them around your hands and feet as well. You can also imply the cause of death by creating some fake bruising or other injuries.

4. Serial Killer. Anything goes. So many serial killers, so many horror movies, so much inspiration out there. Depending on the one you are incorporating choose the fitting outfit, if you come up with one of your own then just wear what you think is fitting (Serial Killer patterns to keep in mind: Nerds, Disfigured Monsters, Masked Killers, Crazy Brutes, Mad Scientists, Religious Fanatics). You can also bring your weapon of choice along. If it has to be a chainsaw try to be careful with it. In any case do not get tempted. The setting is perfect for it but you will not get away with it like they do in the films.

5. Victim. The most perfect one! You need to get some fake blood. They sell it everywhere now that it’s Halloween and it totally comes off your clothes, don’t worry, we’ve tried it. Wear whatever you think a victim should wear. It can be a cheerleader outfit, some college kid clothes, a teacher, basically anything you want. And then apply the blood to your deadly wounds. The more the better. A certain amount of pale is required as well since you have probably bled to death. The fun of the costume is that you are a bloody mess and you can wear the craziest outfit and still look supercreepy and morbid.

Happy Halloween!!!

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Pixie and Rotter Zine is a 100% analog Zine supporting analog artists and DIY of any kind. Created by Emma Elina Keira Jones and Amanda M. Jansson. Feel free to contact us:

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