Reflections of his mind.

It wouldn’t be far fetched to say that Magnuseri is a true master of the macabre. His photographs are deeply haunting, dream-like and suggestive, we just can’t get enough of them.  He’s talking to us about nightmares and his own world.

How did you start photographing?

Well, I guess it started as some sort of extension to my painting, who later on totally took over my life in every single way. I mean, it has become me and I it, it is the way I see now. I do believe that I have reached that point where I actually do call myself a photographer, before anything else.

What qualities do you see in black and white? How does it add to the effect you want to create?

It is the more surreal side of it, the world around us is in color, the trees, the sky and the people we meet, see and hear every day. What I try to do is to take a step away from that reality to create my own world, my own span of time and maybe put things a little bit outside of there original habitats. That other world is in black and white, I actually can’t see how I could show it in any other way, both for good and bad I guess. Probably it is a reflection of my mind – it is a matter of everything or nothing…

What was your scariest dream?

Here it is just to much to choose from – my vivid imagination does haunt me in my dreams too. But I can tell you about one I dreamt last week, I believe. I was visiting my grandparents in my hometown in this dream – and as me and my grandpa was waiting for what was to be the most beautiful shooting star on the darkest hour of that year.. It was so bright, all in red, but as I gazed further on beyond the horizon I did see how something that appeared to be the moon came closer and closer… To finally pass over our house and I could feel how everything was about to collapse. Really – it was the beginning of the ending and it felt so real – everyone was actually going to die. We all told each other how much we loved each other and those seconds waiting for the bright white light must have been the longest seconds I have ever seen. I woke up clinging myself to the wall in desperation. That whole day after was all about anxiety and avoiding death. Hah.

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