Lost Places.

Brian Henry is an American photographer who is fascinated by lost places, neglected buildings and decay, dreams, and strange 70s films, basically everything we love. SO we also love the experimental feeling of his work and how he makes wrong look so right.

How is polaroid and film different? How do they help you get the desired effect?

When shooting Polaroid you’ve created something apart of that moment. It’s one of a kind and cannot be reproduced whereas film gives you a negative that can be printed over and over in various ways. Depending one the subject matter, I will decide which medium I will use, knowing what effects, if any will work well with the subject. Certain types of Polaroid film will produce effects based on filmy type, expiration and manipulation. Over the years of shooting these films, you become familiar with their limits and I’m able to base my vision on that experience.

What is it that makes people interested in horror? How did you get interested?

I’m not sure why people get interested in horror. I think that most people that enjoy horror can appreciate suspense and also have a dark sense of humor. The type of horror I enjoy is often a bit over the top and hilarious…even when there’s a close up shot of an 8 inch stake going through someone’s eye and out the other side. I find the imagery in most older horror films inspiring and often turn to them for inspiration.

How do you take pictures? Do you plan them, do you have sudden ideas?

I’m quite spontaneous when it comes to taking photos. If I do set up a photoshoot with someone, I usually do not do too much planning. I will pick a time and place and the rest unfolds when I’m standing there. I find some general themes and ideas float in my head all the time but when they actually take form depends on my time, money, season, what I ate for breakfast, current moon, birds and traffic lights.


About Pixie and Rotter

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