Here is something amazing we ran into: Awdotia’s photostream on fickr. We don’t know much about her person, but her photographs have an incredible power and allow the viewer’s imagination to experience a different kind of horror. Highly suggestive and haunting, enjoy her amazing black and whites and colours as well.

Why do you often choose to use black and white? What advantages do you see?
I like the texture of black and white analogue photographs. For me, BW photography has a specific mood – nostalgic and melancholic. It is easier for me to create a specific atmosphere in these photographs than with the use of colour.
What kind of horror frightens you personally the most?
I do not like horrors – I do not watch horror films or thrillers and do not read books in this genre. If I happen to do it for some reason, I wake up terrified for weeks on end with the images in my head or have serious troubles falling asleep. So I try to limit such experiences as far as possible.
The kind of horror that frightens me the most is not the gory type. I like things being left unsaid. I like the suspense and I love to wonder what would happen if… The scariest things should only be alluded to and hinted at and the rest should be left for the viewer’s/ reader’s imagination – then things can get really frightening.
What does photography mean to you?
For the last three years, photography was only a hobby for me. Recently, I started to treat it more seriously. A couple of weeks ago, I started to study at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava in Czech Republic and realized how little I know. The extent of my ignorance is also a challenge – I want to know more and learn more, but I do not really know where it will lead me.

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