Evil Kids in Horror that you may not know but should. (pt.2)

Remember our post about one of the most popular sub-genre in horror films: Evil Kids! Same intro: Why do evil kids scare us so much when they come out to play? Is it the loss of a sense of control we feel as adults? Is it the distortion of the ideal innocence? Is it the realization of our inner evil child and human nature? Whatever it is these evil kids are here to demolish and twist the order of things. But different kids! Our next 5 favourite choices of some of the creepiest (mostly lesser known) kids in horror.


1. Zoe Garrick (played by Brittany Alyse Smith) in Pinocchio’s Revenge (1996) –a little girl who loves to play with her supposedly evil doll.


2. The brood in The Brood (1979) –a bunch of weird kids that have never been born the way you’d know it.


3. David, the nun and crew (played by Leif Garret) in Devils Time Five –a group of kids who like the alternative title suggests like Peopletoys.


4. All the kids and of course Ashley (played by Clare Foley) in Sinister (2012) –kids who have an interest in filming and murdering.


5. The whole bunch of evil brats in Village of The Damned (1960) –kids that share a mysterious birthday, hair colour, and hairdo and can make their eyes glow.

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