Short Stories: Beautiful Stains by Emma Elina Keira Jones.

An interview with Emma Elina Keira Jones regarding her short stories collection which she just pubished. Read about embracing evil and the most amazing characters. And dont forget to order your copy. 😉

beautiful stains

How did you decide to write a book of your own?

Well I started writing because there was nothing out there that could satisfy me. The perfect book for me did not exist…I was very upset about it. I just couldn’t find something that I could love 100% you know…I have a quite difficult taste lets say…if I don’t like something 100% then I don’t like it.

So I decided to create my own characters, my own stories…Characters and stories I would love to read about. All my characters are purely homosexual…there is no thought, there is no interruption in that. It’s a given fact, not coming out stories. I think there are very few books out there who actually have that.

I am very proud of my book…cos finally the perfect book for me exists.

In a way I am God, you know, I create people and I decide how everything develops, what they are gonna say and do…I love that.

Ah and one more thing. In my book I can kill any person I hate, without having to be arrested for that, which is cool. It makes my anger go away…there’s lots of people I hate and there’s lots of killing going on in my book.

All your heroes are anti-heroes. Why is that? Not one guy is all good in there. How come?

Uhm, yes you could say that. All main characters in my book are either inspired by my own personality or by very good friends of mine.

I don’t think a real person can be all good first of all. It’s human nature…it’s good to embrace your unconscious, your demons and the evil inside you. You can’t ignore it or pretend it’s not there…you gotta get to know it and love it.

Secondly I think heroes can be pretty boring. Anti-heroes can be far more interesting and unique.

How important is self publishing to you? What opportunities does it offer you?

I love Self publishing. For two reasons. The first one and the most important one is that no publishing house etc can force you to change your story in any way. I would rather not publish my book ever, than change even one sentence in it. I believe I have a very raw content and publishing houses would wanna alter that. I would not accept that.

And secondly self publishing is quite easy, now that the internet exists and all…they give you guidelines how to do it and stuff.

Of all your stories, do you have favourite characters or favourite scenes? I have some I really loved. What are yours?

Haha, yeah I do have some favourite characters. My ultimate number one is V (from V: Saint Peter’s Cross). I have many V stories that are not published yet.

V is the cruelest of them all I think, the toughest one. That sort of a person that you could totally idolize.

Skinhead Barry (from Skinhead Barry) is very tough too and Eddy the Zero( from Eddy the Zero).

Then Adolf (from The Uncle From Ukraine) and Teddy( from A Filthy Place) they are cute and very funny. But like I said I love all of my main characters, they are all special and wonderful in their own way.

I mean I could tell you about each one of them, but that would take up a lot of space…hehe.

Favourite scenes…uhm I have many there as well…

I think I’d pick three scenes. One from Skinhead Barry…the ending, Barry’s thoughts when he sees the Christmas tree and the people.

Then 2 scenes in V: Saint Peter’s Cross. One is V’s dream, where he wakes up bleeding.

And then also, when V runs feeling numb to the lake and stabs his chest.


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