Urban Legends.

Urban Legends!

For al of you who missed our first issue, and while you are waiting for the horror issue to come out in a few days, here is an interesting and long read. Some of the creepiest Urban Legends! 

The Pennhurst State School and Hospital


Pennhurst State School and Hospital, originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic.

The place was opened in 1908 and was supposed to host and treat mentally imbalanced children and sometimes adults.

But  “Pennhurst was a mistake from day one.”

Pennhurst got overcrowded very fast. Every day millions of children were transmitted there, by the state, by their parents or by their guardians.

Some of the children suffered from mental disorders, some were mute, blind, paralytic, deaf, some were deformed or limb, others were mentally retarded and others were in for offensive habits.

People used to call it “the place where they kill you.”

The hospital’s staff mistreated the patients, since according to them everyone of them was a possible criminal and had to be kept away from society.

Some patients were forced to spend day and night tight up in metal cribs. Lots of them wondered around naked, the floors were covered in urine and feces, children got brutally mutilated and sexually abused, locked up in isolation , the majority of the children were suffering of broken bones and missing teeth. Some of the patients, those who had no name, were used in various forbidden experiments.

The place was shut down in 1986, but the terror of Pennhurst doesn’t seem to have ended. Its dreadful history makes PennhurstStateSchool one of the most haunted places ever. People who have visited it experienced full bodied apparitions, voices of people talking, screams of patients, whispers, shadows, the dragging of chains, doors slamming, apparitions peering around corners and the feeling of constantly being watched.

The Story of the strange boy

strange boy

A new boy came to school, he looked pretty ordinary, the only weird thing about him were his dark glasses. He sat in the last raw and he never talked to anyone. He didn’t  answer the teachers question, he didn’t answer the other children’s questions he never played with them and he never ate with them.

Everyone had quite forgotten about him, till one day a kid accidentally threw a ball at him and his glasses fell of, the child went to give the strange boy’s glasses back and then it started trembling and screaming and they brought it to the nursery to calm it down and when it talked to the nurse, it said that the strange boy had red holes where his eyes should be.

The teacher tried to find his parents, but she could only find his grandmother and went to her. The woman was dressed in black and told the teacher her grandson had died over a year ago.

The next day a doctor and a nurse arrived at the school, they dragged the strange boy out and of the classroom, examined him and found no heartbeat. As he was kicking and screaming and fighting back t them they tied his hands and feet and put him in a grave. And if you go at night in the graveyard above his grave, you will hear the strange boy trying to escape again.



If you ever drive north of Libertyville, you’ll come to a place where the road makes a sharp right turn. Drecy ahead sits a horse ranch, to the left of that you will see what the locals refer to as “The Gate”.

According to the legend the liberyville was the entrance to an all girls school. It was a nice and clean school and everything went well, until one night the 1950s the school principal went mad and in a fit of madness he killed four girls. He chopped of  their heads and placed them on the spikes of the gate.

The bodies of the four girls were never found and the principal was arrested and went to trial.

For some time people were scared to near the place, but after some years the place turned into a sleep away camp for boys.

Again one night four boys were missing and they found their head on top of the spikes of the gate.

No one knows who did it, it could have been one of the camp counselors or a patient of a lunatic asylum who had escaped that night.

The place supostly has something that drives people mad.

People who have visited the place, state that they’ve seen the heads of the girls and boys on the gate and that they’ve heard their desperate screams. Some even insist that the place is still full of blood.

Gore Orphanage

gore orphanage

As the legend goes Mr. and Mrs. Sprunger decided to start an orphanage after their children’s mysterious and tragic deaths.

Gore Orphanage was build in Ohio in 1903 and it hosted more than 100 children.

Behind the heavily shut doors there are stories of abuse, neglect and horror.

The children were mistreated by the Sprungers. They were beaten with leather straps by Mr. Sprunger and badly fed by Mrs. Sprunger. She used to make them eat foul meet or left them starving for days.

But that’s not all, the children’s rooms were filled with rats, dirt and bugs. Diseases spread among them. Children were not allowed to bath, for months and when they bathed, they all had to use the same dirty water.

Some of the orphans managed to escape and run in the woods, but some others didn’t make it,

In  December 1923 there was a fire in Gore Orphanage. The stairs and windows were blocked with fire and the children couldn’t leave the place. More than 100 children died in that fire. Gore Orphanage burned down entirely.

According to one version of the story Mr. Sprunger set the fire because he hated children and he wanted insurance money. Other say it was a crazy unknown man or an angry male employee who hated children himself and wanted to kill them all, one by one, others believe that some child accidentally knocked over a lantern and others that one of the children was mentally ill and did it on purpose. Whoever it was who started the fire.

Since then the place is terribly haunted. There is a foul smell in the air. You will see fog around the place, no matter the weather and you will smell the burning flesh of children.

You will hear them scream for help and you will hear heavy doors slamming. There are ghostly apparitions of the children in the place and in the woods.  In the yard of Gore Orphanage there was a tire swing that is still there and never stops swinging back and forth. Sometimes the ghostly figure of a little boy appears on it.

You might see tiny fingerprints on you car, but al that is nothing you should be afraid of, what you really should be watching out for is the dark shadowy figure lurking near the foundation remains.

Soap Sally

soap sally

Have you ever heard of Soap Sally? If not, then you are terribly lucky.

No one clearly knows who Soap Sally is? Some say its an old woman wearing too much make up and some say its an old man who dresses up like a woman to fool children.

In any case, Soap Sally would walk the streets at dusk, looking for children who were unattended by adults or who had run away from home. Soap Sally would grab them by the hand, lead them away, kill them and make soap out of their fat and bones. Some even say her soap had the form of tiny hands.

Whenever a child got missing, there were reports that Soap Sally was seen around the place 2 or 3 days later, carrying her knapsack full of soap.

According to some people Soap Sally is a ghost and this is why children aren’t save when their asleep. If you see her in your dreams, you must quickly wake up before Soap Sally grabs your hand otherwise you won’t wake up.

Glassboro Ghost

Glassboro Ghost

In a house on Main Street in Glassboro,NJ there was once an 8 year old gir named Elizabeth. One day as she fell down the stairs and died. There are two variations f the story, some say she was playing with other kids and accidently fell down the stairs and other say that her uncle pushed her intentionally down the stairs. since then, people  who lived in the house or even walked by it have seen a little blonde girl, playing in the living room, peeking out the window, heard children playing when there were none around, heard Elizabeth laughing and crying. several tenants report hearing the sound of her falling down the stairs at night. Hands are felt pressing sleeping tenants’ faces into their pillows and a child is felt kneeling on their backs. Elizabeth is buried in a grave marked simply with her first name, Elizabeth.

Kuchisake-onna “The-slit-mouth woman”


Kuchisake-onna is the ghost of a beautiful woman in japan who is wearing a surgical mask. Her favorite victims are children who walk alone at night or walk home from school.

She will step out of the shadows and blocks their way. Then she asks : “Am I beautiful?”

If the child replies “No” She kills the child with a pair of scissors she is carrying.

If the child says “ Yes” She pulls away her mask, revealing her face. Her mouth is slit ear to ear in a joker smile.

Then she will ask again  “Am I beautiful now?

If the child says “No” she will chop off the child’s head and if the child says “Yes” she will slice its mouth with her scissors, making it look exactly like hers. Its impossible to run away, because she always reapers in front of her victims.

Now the story of her deformation is not quite set. Some people say she was the wife of a very jealous Samurai, he was always suspicious his wife was unfaithful to him and one day  he slit her mouth with a sword screaming “Who will think you are beautiful now?”

And other believe she an escaped mental patient, who was so demented that she cut her own mouth apart.

Aka Manto

Aka Manto

Aka Manto is a Japanese ghost who haunts the girls bathrooms. He is a malicious and  beautiful man who wears a red cloak and a white mask to hide his beauty.

Aka Manto wil hide in the last stall of the girls toilets and when a girl enters.

A voice will ask “ Red Paper or Blue Paper?’

If the girl says “red paper” then she will be sliced apart until her clothes turn red and if she says “blue paper” she will be strangled to death until her face turns blue.

If the girl tries to pick another colour a black hole appears and white hands drag her down to hell.

The only way to escape him is to say “No paper”

Little Witch


The legends goes back in 1916 a horrific story in Pilot’s knob where a horrific story took place.

Mary Lousie Ford and her young daughter Mary Ellen Ford where accused of being witches.

The superstitious villagers were too scared to wait and bring them to trial, so they dragged them out of their house and burned them alive at the stake.

No one knows where they buried the mother. Terrified that the little girls ghost would come back and seek for revenge, the villagers buried her there in Pilot’s Knob in a steel reinforced coffin.

After lowering it into the grave, the filled it with concrete.

They built a metal fence all around the grave site, which was made of interconnected white crosses. The villagers believed that the crosses would keep the little witch trapped in there for ever.

There have been several stories of people who have visited her grave. some say the ve seen the little witches footprints on her grave. Other say they can see the little girl moving desperately inside her trap, trying to escape to find her mother. She is wearing a white dress which is dirty at the bottom and she has long messy blonde hair.

Locals believe that if you go too close to the fence, the little witch will grab hold of you and will  pull you down to hell.

And the dread the day some animal or person brakes one of the white crosses of the fence.

Antique Doll

antique doll

On the morning of her birthday, Lucy’s mother told her a package had arrived in the mail and it was for her.

When the girl unwrapped the gift she was absolutely  horrified of what she saw. It was a very ugly old doll. It was bald and covered in dirt. The dolls teeth were long, pointy and  sharp, like an animal’s fangs.

She took the doll and threw it in a corner., but her mother told her someone had gone in a lot of trouble for that gift and she should appreciate it more. She forced her daughter to take the doll. Lucy couldn’t bare the ugly dolls looks and hide it behind a pile of shoes.

A few nights later, when Lucy was lying in bed she heard a noise…a shuffling sound, which went on for quite some time. Then came some dragging noise and after that she heard light footsteps walking very fast.

Absolutely terrified Lucy heard a faint raspy voice whispering from downstairs. Lucy always slept with the door open and a tiny light on , because she was afraid of the dark.

The voice said “Lucy, I’m on the first step”

Then came loud scrabbling again as if the thing returned t its place.

Lucy told her mother what had happened next morning, but she wouldn’t believe her.

The next night the same voice came again

“Luuccyy! I’m on the fourth step…”, it said. Then came the same scuffling noise and the voice stopped.

Lucy told her mother again and she told her friends in school about the doll, about what was happening at night, but no one believed her. They laughed at her and when she tried to throw the doll away, her mother didn’t let her.

Lucy was scared to death because if the  doll was climbing four steps at a time then there was only one more night to go.

That night Lucy shut her bedroom door and asked her mother if she could keep her room’s light on, but her mother stubborn as she was again didn’t let her. She sais her room’s light was to bright and she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Therefore Lucy agreed to just sleep without a light and opened the bedroom curtains instead. Just as Lucy was falling asleep he heard that voice again, only this time she heard it very clearly:

“Luuuuccccyyyy! I’m on the top step…”

In the darkness Lucy heard a click, she wasn’t sure, but she thought she could see her bedroom door opening very, very slowly.

The next morning, Lucy’s mother  found the body of the little girl at the bottom of the stairs. She guessed that her daughter had been on her way to the toilet and in the darkness fall down the stairs and broke her neck.

The tiny evil antique doll was found right beside her body, and was buried with Lucy. “She loved that doll”, said her mother. “Now they can be together forever”.

Tap tap tap scratch scratch

tap tap scracth scratch

It all happened in a small town in Spain on Halloween.

The children where cutting out bats and pumpkins and the teacher turned on the radio to listen to the weather forecast because she was planning to organize an outdoor arty for the children.

Suddenly the weather forecast got interrupted and a mans voice announced :

“ A convicted murderer has escaped from the local prisons and is on the loose. He is described as armed and very dangerous. Please do not attempt to stop him, the police will…”

The teacher turned off the radio, not to alarm the children, but  the children had already heard it.

The school principal commanded the teachers to lock all doors and windows and not let any children out until its save.

The teacher secured everything but that when a little girl asked her to go to the bathroom. The teacher didn’t want to let her go, but she insisted.

The gave her a password, so they will know its her and unlock the door when she is back

The password was three taps in the door and two scratches.

The girl went of and the teacher started telling stories to the other children. 20 minutes had gone by and the girl still hadn’t returned.

The teacher was worried, but that’s when she heard footsteps nearing.

Then then she heard “Tap, tap, tap, scratch, scratch”

“that must be her.” The teacher sighted.

“What if it isn’t her?” a little boy asked absolutely frightened.

“Tap, tap, tap, scratch, scratch”

“it must be her.” The teacher said and unlocked the door. A tall man was standing right in front of her, smiling maliciously. On his one hand he was holding a bloody knife and on the other the decapitated head of the girl.

The teacher managed to escape from the window, but the children were not so lucky. They were all brutally killed.

The school closed down after that and was never reopened. Some people say if you dare walk in the classroom, you can see blood dripping from the walls and hear children screaming and if you are brave enough to walk into the toilets, tap three times on the door and scratch two times and then open the door, you can se the headless body of the girl sitting there.

As for the teacher she was transmitted to a mental hospital and never recovered. She doesn’t speak, only sometimes you can hear her repeating to herself “ Tap, tap, tap, scratch, scratch.”

Hatchet House

Hatchet House

There is a street in Oklahoma city named “Carey Place” and according to the legend it is haunted by a murdered girl named Carey.

The story goes following. One day little Carey stay stayed after school to play on the swings. She was playing alone when a crazy murderer with an axe neared her. He tried to grab her, but she quickly run away and screamed for help. The man with the axe was following here and Carey was knocking on every door of the street and pleading for help, but the residents were too terrified if the man with the axe and didn’t open their doors to help Carey. And finally when she had reached her own house the man got her. Carey was murdered on her own front porch and her body parts were staffed in a big flower pot in front of her door.

According to the legend the white porch of Carey’s house was soaked in red blood and no matter how much they tried to clean it, the colour just wouldn’t go away.

Carey’s body parts are supposed to be buried in the garden and they named the street after her “Carey Place”

Shortly after the murder, a weird incident happened. All the porches and doors of the houses in Carey Pace were painted red. Some people say it was the ghost of Carey who did it as a mark of their guilt to her death.

Some people say they have seen Carey’s ghost running through the streets screaming, pleading for help.

Lots of people who have visited the place, insist that the Hatchet House has little hatches carved on its windows and that The school’s swing set has been swinging on its own ever since.

Text by Emma Elina Keira Jones

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