Just keep the Mood.

Kirill Orlov is a true punk. To this photographer and musician punk is actually a way of life. Read on about his inspirations, the gold rush, and punk music.


You have a lot of tattoos and also worked in a tattoo studio. How does this affect/inspire your photography work?

I wouldn’t say that tats really inspire me in photography or play some important part in my life. It just goes by itself. Some day tattoos started taking their place in my life, with people and music with same mood. People and heavy/punk music affects me a lot more than tats.

If you could live in any country and any decade, what would you choose?

I think it must have been a lot of fun in the USA during the gold rush! 🙂

Do you like punk music and if so what type of punk music is your favourite?

I started listening to punk rock songs when i was 6-7 years old and can’t stop. I like the punk scene from the early-mid 90s (like offspring and some bands from the garage), some bands from that time still play, you can’t say that they sound like in the old times, but most of them still have the idea. Of course I like a lot of different genres, but the mood is always the same. Kurt Cobain said about his band that everything is punk rock. Grunge, hardcore, punk, etc. just keep the mood and the spirit.



Drug Holiday – Destroy Skateshop from Charlie Rocket on Vimeo.

BANANA TATTOO from bananatattoo on Vimeo.

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