Against the Moral Values.

Laos Salazar, is  a controversial artist born in Mexico City. He creates collages and artwork that always have a specific sense of irony towards society and its taboos.  


You use a lot of nudity in your work. Do you think nudity is still a taboo for people?

It’s still a taboo, but at the same time male nudity and more specifically, homoerotic male nudity is more taboo. Female nudity is used as a form of exploitation, the female body is the desire of the dominant heterosexual man, on the contrary the male body in a gay or erotic sense is against this heteronormative perception, that’s why I like to use the naked body of gay men, it is more agresive, it’s against the moral values of our western civilization.

How did you decide collages are your preferred medium?

When you are making collages you are taking visual information that already exists. This world is full of images that can communicate something very specific, but when you take these images and tranform them into something else, the original meaning suffers a mutation, maybe now this image says the opossite of their original meaning, I’m an enthusiast of the free culture so the collage media gives a lot of posibilities! If you want to use my images to change their meaning too, do it!

What colours represent you most and why?

I think I have moods for colours, sometimes I want to use a lot of black and white, sometimes reds, oranges and yellows and sometimes greens and blues, so the colour decision depends on the mood of what I’m trying to say that moment, I don’t think any colour represents me. It’s more of a feeling issue, if I’m depressed or happy or angry, that kind of stuff.

male nude laos salazar (2)

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  1. thien

    good idea, never seen these kinds of art before
    from Laos.

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