8 Strangest Amusement Parks.

This is a list of some of the strangest amusement parks/ theme parks around the world. Sure most parks are pretty creepy or fun anyway but these 8 are some of the most special ones. 

1. 1984 Išgyvenimo Drama, Lithuania


This is not a theme park for the faint-hearted. An ex-Soviet bunker in the middle of nowhere shouldn’t go to waste like that. You basically get a tour so you can get a hands-on, realistic experience of the Communist underworld and life in the USSR. 6 actors who actually used to be in the Soviet army and a dog and one tour guide will go through KGB interrogation rooms with you, look at prison cells and drilling devices and so on…  4000 cubic meters and 5 metres underground, it surely isn’t the usual theme park.

2. Memory Village, Haiti

memory park

This isn’t a strange park list for no reason. We couldn’t figure out whether it has been built yet or not, but this is a theme park that should actually educate people about slavery. Visitors can be slaves for a day, will be given traditional clothing, will be abducted and tortured, chained, and forced to labour. They will be sold as well, and all that for about a day. Good thing is it all ends with a rebellion. If anyone is visiting Haiti, let us know more.

3. Haw Par Villa, Singapore


1000 statues and 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes from Chinese folklore, history, legends and Confucianism. Nearly forgotten, Tiger Balm Gardens, is a really insane place and a pretty old amusement park. It’s hard to say if it looks vintage, or futuristic or whatever, but it surely is pretty gore: blood pits, hell and so on. Aiming to teach, it kinda does at times and we have heard that it is being repaired and preserved as we speak. Best thing about it: No Crowds!

4. Suoi Tien Amusement Park, Vietnam


This is probably the only place in the world where you get to visit a real holy Buddhist place and then experience aquariums, crocodiles, and a unicorn palace, gardens, all at once. A water park devoted to Buddhism? Yes, actually. You can ride on dog and turtle boats, look at giant dragons and elephants, water slide off Buddha’s beard, visit bat caves and the like. Sounds fair enough. And always remember we are talking really really big scale and impressive colours.

5. Dwarf Empire, China


True, it is probably the least politically correct theme park in the world and it sounds exploitative. But it isn’t as bad, and which theme park is all good anyway. The people who live there actually get paid to perform and have a whole city system behind them that is supposed to facilitate their lives. Is it like a modern freak show? Who knows. Depends on how it is viewed and presented. Anyway, visiting there includes visiting a tiny world where thousands of tiny people leave in mushroom house and perform all the time.

6. Grutas Park, Lithuania


Lithuania is the queen of strange theme parks and they know how to make use of the Soviet past. This is a park filled with trees and statues of Soviet and Communist figures , in an open-air exhibition sort of thing. Barbed wire, prison camps and watchtowers help recreate some atmosphere, and you can also find out about lots of propaganda stuff, like documents, photographs and so on in the museum. There is also an irrelevant little zoo but no fun rides here.

7. Dickens World, England

dickens world

You might wonder why this is weird, but well it is. The 75,000 square foot park recreates a dirty and to some degree disgusting 19th century town full of hunger and criminality. Filth, unpleasant smells, the darkness and the rot,  the worst bits of Victorian England, you will find it here. How fascinated it is for kids who probably never read much Dickens anyway? Well who can tell. Point is it’s big and it’s multisensory. There is a haunted house, and a schoolroom and some weird shows.

8. Harmony Land, Japan


You either love or hate Hello Kitty. But in case you love her, and well some people do, this is the theme park for you. It’s pink and cute and filled with Hello Kitty stuff. It is a Sanrio park, and Hello Kitty is a Sanrio character, we just found out. There are lots of themed rides in this super cute and pink little town and strange signs and a Hello Kitty palace, and some shows we can’t really imagine. The surrounding hills are just as beautiful.

(we don’t own any of the pictures. if you do, then let us know and you will be given full credit.)

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