Having Fun.

Guilherme Fontana is a young photographer and design student from the south of Brazil. His main models are his happy friends and he captures the games they play and the fun they have on a daily basis.


You are in Brazil. How colourful and inspirational is it to you?

I live in the south of Brazil and the culture here is different from the other parts of the country and from what is most shown for the world. Here we are not very attached to Carnival but we have nice street celebrations too. Although the culture does not influence the final results of my photos in a direct way, what is more inspirational to me is the way people live the seasons of the year. In the south the seasons are more defined than in the rest of the country. For example when it’s winter the weather is much colder here. It makes people behave differently through the seasons and new situations and colors appear in front of my lenses.

How do you like to shoot and why? (planned, unplanned etc)

I prefer to shoot things that are unplanned like scenes of my daily life and when I’m having fun with my friends. But I also shoot planned when I have ideas for editorials and something more fashion related.

What is your favourite game and/or toy?

I like fight videogames and some game apps I play on my smartphone, and 90’s toys like furby and pokémon figures are my favorites. I collect toyart too.



About Pixie and Rotter

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