Capturing Shots.

Kıvılcım Güngörün is a young photographer from Turkey. While studying at the department of photography of the faculty of fine arts, she enjoys snapshots of things happening around her.


Do you prefer shooting people or landscapes? And why?

I don’t really separate it like ”I only shoot people or only landscapes”. I shoot people, and landscapes too. I shoot people in a landscape too. It depends on where I live and where I am. Both are important to me in their own ways and both are very pleasant to explore. But only some times, shooting people is more pleasurable and enjoyable and I especially enjoy capturing a shot of someone while they are in motion. And the reason why is that I myself have to be more active and excited while I take such a photo.

How did you develop your personal style? 

As I didn’t know about photography technicswise before I started studying it, I was snapshotting my merories and interesting moments I went throught. And later, even though I learned some things, I understood that it was more fun for me to catch some quick frames like that, and I continued in that way. I don’t have a digital camera, I only take shots with analog cameras, I think it is more pleasurable and concrete in that way. To give an example, I came to understand that what goes on in a shot is more important to me than the lighting,
so I started to shoot with small handcams and with the ”program” option of cameras. It has been a while since film brands and F number shutter speed ratios lost their value for me. So, I developed it while trying to capture and record, in a way, every moment  I lived.

What childhood game/or memory do you feel is inspirational to you?

I can say that every moment of my childhood is. My family is quite interesting and peculiar in a way, I feel very lucky about it. My father is a man who travelled through many countries by hitchhikin in 80’s and he’s full of memories. My mother changes her hair style and color non-stop and these two, with my father, they go very well together. My sister is a Dramatic Writing graduate and very sophisticated person. She has been doing contemporary art psychedelic handcraft.
Living with those three it is impossible not to feel inspired. When it comes to the childhood game, unusually I stopped playing with my barbies only when I entered highschool. I am almost sure that it had a really advancing effect on my imagination in that I had a different scenario for them everyday in varying levels of interestingness and depth; there have been occasions when I thougth on a scenerio for days before I started playing it.


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